MAG IT deliver an innovated solution for Virgin Atlantic’s high passenger volume

In Feb 2019, Virgin Atlantic forecast a Summer 2019 peak uplift of 16% on prior years with daily figures as high as 58% for some slots.

Based on these figures, they identified a requirement for 10 additional check-in desks to accommodate higher passenger volumes.

With all existing Terminal 2 Check-in desks in use, MAG IT took an innovate approach to this requirement based on a successful trial in a similar situation for Emirates in Terminal 1.

Working closely with suppliers Check in on Wheels (CoWs), MAG IT procured additional Check In desks which were then configured for use with the correct Virgin setup.

The CoWs offered the benefit that they could be stored safely to one side when not in use and then simply wheeled into position within the departures concourse at peak demand.

Virgin were delighted with the IT solution provided and the check-in experience for passengers was markedly in provided.

Daniel Malcolm, Virgin Atlantic Airport Manager in Manchester, recalls how MAG IT looked after them with this requirement:

“The team at MAG IT were so impressive. Despite the issue being a challenge, they came up with a solution which was innovative and cost effective, meeting all of our needs whilst also enabling us to meet guest expectations of getting through check in as quickly as possible. A brilliant job by the MAG IT team. Thank you.”