MAG IT delivers for special operations

In winter 2021, the Eastern Region Special Operations Unit (ERSOU) asked MAG IT to install and upgrade their IT and communications connectivity in their office at London Stansted airport.

MAG IT Project Manager talked with me in a bit more detail about the project briefed in,

“It’s often the case that from a client side, their requirements sound or seem relatively straightforward. They might want data, wireless, a few phones lines etc. What’s often the case, is that the client doesn’t always see that to get that data connectivity, we may need to run fibre over varying lengths and obstacles; the wireless needs to be configured to specific configuration; the phones lines need co-ordination with BT and fibre run as well and so on. For this job in particular, the client wanted connectivity from their existing office to their new office (Terminal to Enterprise House). Throughout the process, we worked diligently with the client to understand and agree the requirements fully, and deliver this within the timeline needed.”

From start to finish of this requirement, ERSOU were impressed with the care and attention to detail they received, referring to this as ‘outstanding, attentive and fully supportive’.

Talking about the experience with our team and how it differed from other experiences they may have had outside of MAG, they explained.

“Joe, Dan and Terry were always on hand to answer any questions we had. They provided practical on site guidance, worked with our existing IT teams and contractors and went out of their way to genuinely listen to what we were looking for and then provide the right solution. Without their knowledge and expertise, the difficulties encountered, would have severely delayed the completion date of the project. For other partners of MAG who reside within the estate and don’t yet utilise the MAG IT team, I would encourage you to do so. Being part of the airport community is unique and having such a knowledgeable and skilled IT team on hand, made the project run seamlessly. I send sincere thanks to the team and couldn’t recommend them highly enough.”