MAG IT delivers high level, cost effective and smart technology to Manchester Airport’s private terminal, PremiAir

PremiAir opened in 2019 as Manchester Airport’s dedicated private terminal, offering guests travelling to and from the airport, the ultimate travel experience.

From bespoke lounges with unparalleled runway views, to authentic local cuisine made fresh to order, Manchester’s new private terminal offers an uncompromising travel experience – right down to discreet security and seamless private transfers to our guests’ awaiting aircraft.

Originally conceived as a 70 seat private facility, PremiAir is set away from the main terminals and instead, in a secluded location, complete with its’ own entrance and location. Whilst still on the Manchester Airport estate, it was located away from the busy passenger experience that you would expect from an International airport, offering guests an intimate private terminal to begin their journey in a more relaxed manner.

Keeping IT costs low when building a new and what is after all a standalone, mini terminal, was always going to be challenging.

Working closely with MAG Engineering Services team, MAG IT set about defining the IT requirements from simple IP TV’s, to more sophisticated new security lanes and bio metric tools.

We introduced significant cost savings by finding innovative approaches to networking when new access roads impeded existing routes.

The facility now benefits from hybrid car parking technology, accommodating both pre-book and Meet & Greet within a single barrier solution. In addition to this, guests can check-in and print tags for both hold and carry-on luggage as well as having a bespoke Baggage Reconciliation System (BRS) to keep track of their hold luggage on departure for the aircraft.

Martinus Louwerse, General Manager at PremiAir, talks about his experience working with MAG IT,

“The MAG IT team were fantastic to work with. Together we were given a team who were flexible and took the time to understand our needs and the high level experience we had to ensure our guests received. They utilised state of the art technology to deliver what was required in a short space of time. They worked tirelessly to meet our launch date and enable all systems to be up and running smoothly, to expectations. I couldn’t recommend them enough.”