MAG IT recognised at industry awards for innovation and technology

MAG IT’s Infrastructure Programme completed 2019 as a finalist at IT industry awards which celebrate innovation in the upgrade and retrofit of existing data centres.

The Programme which started in Manchester, is modernising our IT infrastructure with new, ambitious technology and communications platforms. On completion of the Manchester Data Centre project in late 2019, we are now able to support what is known as a ‘smart’ airport with exceptional guest experience, enabling us to become a top 10 European airport. Work to deliver the same level of infrastructure in London Stansted has now also begun.

As finalist in the 2019 Global Data Centre Dynamics Awards, the MAG IT Infrastructure team were noted for managing the project in a live airport which handles 28 million passengers a year.

Works to date include construction, electrical and mechanical requirements, racks and thermal containment, fire detection and suppression for the new data centres, along with much more.

For readers who don’t know what a Data Centre is – these are dedicated rooms filled with electrical racks of technology that feed into, and support, key infrastructure of our airports such as car parks, lights, gates, passenger information, check in, security and ultimately take-off and landings; all of which impact on the guest experience. The blueprint plan which has led to the successful design, implementation and delivery of the Manchester project, will now be transferred to the London Stansted site, where similar results are expected.

MAG IT, Infrastructure Programme Manager, Graham Pollitt, says of the project;

“Working with our project partner Keystone, it was fantastic to complete the Manchester part of the project in 2019. A genuine approach for agile working and innovation has been applied to this project, one of which will enable the MAG IT and Estates teams to manage Data Centres remotely with minimal requirements for engineer attendance – enabling increased efficiencies and safety as our needs grow. We look forward to delivering this across the full MAG estate, enabling all of our airports to embrace more opportunities with confidence of their resilience and ability to perform with supported technology.”