Airport Operating Systems (Chroma/AODB)

Available at Manchester, London Stansted and East Midlands Airports.

AODB is the backbone of all airport operations.

It provides the most truthful representation of all real-time flight-related details and feeds, supplying additional systems such as FIDS and A-CDM with the critical information required to operate.

Access to AODB is provided for airlines, handling agents, and service partners who provide services dependent on all aspects of flight, baggage, and airfield operations.

As the primary source of all flight data surrounding operations at the airport, AODB gives real-time access to a single, centralised information source.

Available online or as a desktop app, AODB offers granular access to view and update critical operational data around your services, allowing you to maximise your operational efficiency.

Product Options & Technical Information

  • Real-time access to core airport operating systems (AODB).

  • Lightweight browser-based view or full-featured desktop application options.

  • Role-based access model ensures access only to relevant, permitted information.

  • On-site, fully resilient, 24/7 highly available architecture.

  • Automated data interfaces are available to provide direct access to necessary operational data (see Data Services & APIs).

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