Passive Fibre

Available at Manchester Airport only.

MAG IT can provide fibre connections to your retail outlets and offices, within or between our terminal buildings and between co-location areas using our common infrastructure.

The fibre can be used for the connection of MAG supplied equipment, your own equipment, as well as for a ‘cross connect’ to your own devices for the delivery of external internet connections.

Product Options & Technical Information

MAG IT provides Commscope ‘single mode’ fibre cabling when distances between locations exceeds 85m.

All installations are subject to industry standard OTDR testing and are designed to have a maximum loss of 4dB or less.

Examples of available network solutions:

  • Campus Link – Cross-campus single-mode connection from ODF to ODF.

  • In-Building Link – Single mode fibre connection from campus ODF to a served communications room access rack.

  • In-Room Link – Single mode fibre cabling from served communications room to outlet or Cat6a cabling from local served communications room to outlet.

  • Cross Connect – ODF connection between two co-location racks or onto campus or building link cables

All installations are designed and carried out by MAG certified engineers, fully compliant to business standards and backed up by our 24/7 on-site support service.

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